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  •  Yeah, don't you like the Bloomberg headline? (none)
    The Bloomberg headline from google news:

    "Ukraine Must Probe Presidential Election Fraud, U.S. Govt Says"

    Just take out a few key words from the article, however:

    The U.S. government said ** must investigate charges of fraud in the Nov. 21 run-off presidential election that prompted more than half a million people to take to the streets to protest preliminary results.

    ``These charges need to be thoroughly investigated and cleared up before the international community can have confidence that the results of the ** elections reflect the will of the people,'' U.S. State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said yesterday, according to an e-mailed transcript.


    The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said polling didn't meet international standards and U.S. Senator Richard Lugar, monitoring the vote in the capital, *, said the government helped rig the election.


    ``We call on the ** authorities to curb additional abuse and fraud, to uphold its international commitments to democracy and human rights, and to act to ensure an outcome that reflects the will of the ** people,'' Ereli said, according to the transcript. ``Should, in the final analysis, this election prove to be fundamentally flawed and tarnished, we would certainly need to review our relations with the ***.''

    Which country are we talking about, again?

    •  seriously (none)
      i don't understand why there weren't protests like this in the US...

      "The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie"

      by Little Hamster on Mon Nov 22, 2004 at 06:22:59 PM PST

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      •  wouldn't matter if there were (none)
        since the MSM would ignore it end of story.  if MSM journalists haven't already signed a bush loyalty oath to keep their jobs, they soon will soon be required to.

        demonstrating in the streets was strategically identified with the lunatic fringe in the 1980s.  identity challenged americans would seriously hate for anyone to think they might be crazy.

        but i just loved it when i couldn't take the elevator in the eiffel tower due to disgruntled workers, or when my plane sat for hours in a paris airport for hours while the luggage handlers resolved their labor disputes.

        workers (and political activists) of the world unite you have nothing to lose but your wag the dog mainstream media outlets.

      •  In fairness to Americans (none)
        They never had their Democracy, their Freedom and their future pulled out from under them by thieves. All those other countries had it in a not so distant history. They won't stand for it AGAIN.

        A "virgin" America electorate still trusts that it's "boyfriend" Bush will act honorably in a car ride alone in the desert with no one around... Democracy "rape" victims know better...

        For 56 millions of us Americans .. WAR is a moral issue

        by lawnorder on Tue Nov 23, 2004 at 12:28:52 AM PST

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