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I normally do not curse in my diaries - however, there is a first time for everything. I just received a "Breaking News" update from that, well - is a true what the fuck moment. I have not had one of those since I was in the Army and had some dumb ass butterbar lieutenant tell me to "just go ahead and take the barrel off of the M-60...that jammed round won't cook off."

Follow me below the fold...

The "Breaking News" update said plainly

"State will continue implementing collective bargaining law despite judge's order"

What the fuck? How dumb is Walker, the Fitzgerald brothers, Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen?

Judge Sumi was pretty clear yesterday when she said:

"Now that I've made my earlier order as clear as it possibly can be, I must state that those who act in open and willful defiance of the court order place not only themselves at peril of sanctions, they also jeopardize the financial and the governmental stability of the state of Wisconsin,"

Yet, DOA Secretary Mike Huebsch said,

"I have legal obligation to implement all laws that have been passed by the Legislature, signed by Gov. Scott Walker and "published into law"...the Department of Justice and legal counsel agree that the measure has met those requirements and is now effective law. It is my duty to administer that law."

The problem is, this "law" is not a law at all. It was passed illegally, and most sane legal scholars in the state formerly known as Wisconsin, and now known as the Republic of Fitzwalkerstan, agree that this law is not law and cannot be law as it was "passed" in a manner inconsistent with Wisconsin's Fitzwalkerstan's open meetings laws.

Again, I ask, what the fuck? How in holy hell does the Republican leadership in this state think they are going to get away with this? My Dad taught me a long time ago that when you get in too deep - stop digging. Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald brothers and the rest of these Republican thugs should stop digging.

I am to the point where recalls are not enough. I am demanding that these Republican bastards resign from office...every single last one of them. They have run roughshod over both the U.S. Constitution and the Wisconsin Fitzwalkerstan Constitution. I have absolutely run out of patience with them - they have no respect for the rule of law or for the will of the people.

If I violated a court order - my happy ass would be tossed in jail.

Updated by Kodiak54 at Wed Mar 30, 2011 at 07:41 PM CDT

Oh...and thank you to everyone that voted for me in the Netroots Nation Scholarship competition. While I was not in the top three, I did win one of the twenty scholarships awarded in the first round.

Originally posted to Mark E. Andersen (Kodiak54) on Wed Mar 30, 2011 at 05:28 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and Progressive Hippie.

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